The World Dairy Expo 2017

The World Dairy Expo 2017 in Madison, Wisconsin, will be centre of the world’s stage for the dairy industry, from October 3-7. The international event will draw huge crowds to experience things like dairy cattle judging contests, a virtual farm tour, dairy forage seminars, jersey sales, the international Brown Swiss Show and so much more. It’s also an opportunity for producers to discover cutting-edge technology and all the latest dairy equipment. Leading researchers and technical experts will share their knowledge. National and international organisations will have products on display. The mission of the World Dairy Expo is to see producers become more profitable.

What Exciting New Product is automed Showcasing?

automed’s ‘big reveal’ is only weeks away. We are thrilled to be displaying our large adapters from our own booth at the Expo. The automed adapters attach to the delivery device and administer medication through injection, drench, pour-on or intra-nasal. The greatest benefit of the large adapters is with the drench and pour-on treatments, which require a larger dose. With these new adapters along with our accessory kit range, we’ve expanded your ability for larger treatments.

The automed Adapters

Each adapter can give up to two doses in one treatment, which means that the same animal can be dosed twice. With multiple doses, the maximum dose isn’t limited by the volume of the adapter. Each adapter can deliver a dose over its volume by splitting the treatment over two doses. Adapters come in sizes 3ml, 5ml, 10ml and in design, 20ml and 30ml, so they can deliver up to 60ml.

Optimal medication is calculated by automed’s cutting edge delivery device and app, for each animal, either by fixed or weight-based dosage. Treatment dosages are accurate because of the self-adjusting delivery system. Because of the precision of the delivery device, you will save money on wasted medication and get the best out of your livestock by administering exactly what each animal needs.

At the World Dairy Expo, you can see a demonstration of how easily the device operates, with the pulling of a trigger using one finger. That’s an innovation in ergonomics and great news for producers! The automed delivery device is designed to deliver medication accurately, record treatments and manage multiple site inventories. All medicating needs are met with just one robust device.

We are proud to be able to showcase our large adapters at the biggest dairy event of the year.

A Show You Must Attend

With all the newest farming innovations in one place, you can’t afford to miss the World Dairy Expo. Learn from the world’s leading experts, with opportunities for one-on-one discussion. There are banquets, networking, product sales and much more.  It’s the perfect way to enjoy times of fellowship with others in the dairy industry, while planning for the future of your operation. The Expo concludes by celebrating contest winners in the Parade of Champions and Selection of 2017 Supreme Champions.

We would love to meet and talk with you at the Expo. To see a demonstration of our innovative delivery device and adapters, visit us in the New Holland Trade Centre, at booth TC907. Check out the site maps for building and booth location.

We look forward to getting to know you, face-to-face.

From Concept to Reality to Continuous Improvement

With a background in pig and sheep farming, automed’s founder David Edwards knows what the person on the land needs in animal treatments. In 2006, David’s revolutionary idea was for an automatic, integrated management system that collects and stores unlimited treatment data in a cloud, using a web portal. Soon the first delivery device was created. In 2016, the automed system was launched into the market. International recognition and awards were the enthusiastic response from distributors and customers.

Every week, automed review the functionalities of the management system and products to discover ever greater efficiency. For all the latest, follow their story on FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn.


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