What is Sustainable Agriculture?

We hear the buzz word “sustainability” often. But what does it mean? By definition, it means: “the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.” On Earth Day (April 22), we wanted to recognize the efforts of livestock producers around the world for their efforts in maintaining and improving the land, water, and resources to produce sustainable products for consumers.

As a company, automed strives to be sustainable as well as provide a solution to improve sustainability for livestock producers globally.

Sustainability at automed

At the automed headquarters in Huxley, Iowa, our facility is powered by one wind turbine. This turbine alone produces a continuous 400 amp power supply which powers our entire 12,500 square foot state-of-the-art facility. By utilizing a wind turbine, we are leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the resources around us.

automed headquarters using a sustainable wind turbine

As a company, it is important that our team members also believe in sustainability and strive for sustainable practices.

What does sustainability mean to us? Here is what members of our team had to say.

David: The ability to keep producing; increase efficiency, improve profitability and ensure consistent output.

Kathleen: Keeping things around for future generations.

Brooke: Having a positive impact to improve resources.

Loren: It’s the ability to adapt and progress both as a person and a company to obtain success.

Jeff: Positive growth.

Harris: Being able to last for a long time.

Robert: Managing the resource we have available to us to ensure that we can farm into the future, by adapting the cyclical variations in weather and climate while maintaining the biodiversity of the environment surrounding us.

The automed system provides livestock producers with a managing tool to improve their operation and ultimately improve sustainability. Technology and sustainability go hand-in-hand. By calculating the exact dose needed for individual animals according to their weight prevents overdosing and underdosing of medication to livestock. Less medication waste – sustainable. The system automatically records treatment data for livestock, which means producers can meet compliance and traceability regulations, as well as keep life records for animals. Improved record-keeping – sustainable.

An industry perspective

Globally, automed looks at sustainability as a whole and what it means to livestock producers in their regions. In Australia, it’s about the resources as they are hit with extreme drought. In Europe, it is about food supply to meet the demands of a growing population. In Asia, sustainability is about disease control and medication use in livestock. With our headquarters located in the central U.S., we took a look at some of the sustainability efforts of U.S. livestock producers and the improvements they have made.

Collectively, on a global scale or locally, the agriculture industry and livestock producers take their own individual approach to enhance sustainability, and leave resources better for future generations. We at automed thank producers and consumers for their collective efforts to improve and protect the resources that we all demand and live on throughout the world. Everyday is Earth Day for those in the agriculture industries.

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