Virbac joins automed as global distribution partner


Virbac joins automed as a global distribution partner to bring the automed system and solution to livestock producers including cattle, swine, and sheep. This partnership is vital as automed continues to grow globally and enhance the livestock medication process for producers.

Like automed, Virbac is dedicated to animal health and well-being. Virbac’s innovation offers a practical and comprehensive range of products and services covering the majority of species and pathologies. Virbac has been forging personalized relationships with veterinarians, farmers and pet owners in each country for fifty years. Through these privileged partnerships, in which social, health and environmental issues come together, Virbac contributes day after day to shape the future of animal health.

A global partnership

“We are excited to partner with a global company that is supportive of automed and the goals we are aiming to achieve,” states David Edwards, automed CEO. “This is a new market for automed with massive potential; we are excited to see our system be adapted in the Asia market.”

For healthy animals and quality production, Virbac promotes prevention practices and individual treatments. An approach that adapts to the needs and constraints of all types of farming, all over the world.

The automed system automatically calculates, delivers and records livestock medication treatments. The reduction of labor pain and the data recording aspect are key in countries throughout Europe and Asia as livestock producers face compliance and traceability regulations. The automed system automatically records individual animal treatments which are vital when it comes to these regulations and aligns with Virbac’s values for food-producing animals.  

Moving automed forward

Edwards adds, “adding Virbac as a distribution partner validates automed’s growth and solution for livestock producers, both big and small. As a global solution to livestock medication, this partnership plays a key role in both the growth of the company globally and for providing a solution to livestock producers internationally.”   

With Virbac’s vast understanding of the livestock industry and the needs of livestock producers globally, this will be greatly beneficial for automed as we continue to grow and provide solutions for the market.

To learn more about Virbac, visit their website here. To learn more about automed’s distributors, visit our website here.

About automed: automed is a global solution in automatic livestock medication systems. With one single system, automed can automatically calculate, deliver and record livestock treatments, and effectively help livestock producers manage their operation. To learn more about automed, visit

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