U.S. Beef Producers Back in (Beijing) Business

In June it was announced that China’s 14-year ban on importing beef from the U.S. was finally coming to an end. The ban, which was levied in 2003, after a mad cow disease scare, completely closed off U.S. livestock farmers from being able to benefit from the growing Chinese market for beef products.

The USDA statement in June was welcome news for U.S. producers but is sure to be a concern to Australian producers who now face increased competition. Australia has been China’s preferred choice for premium beef, but that is about to change. Due to grain prices in the U.S., Australian producers are at a disadvantage, and that’s before factoring in an ongoing drought that has affected herd size.

With 5.9 million tonnes of beef sold in China in 2016, and the number set to keep growing, one hopes that there is room for producers in both the U.S. and Australia to thrive.

China Beef Export Opportunity – Traceability Holds the Key

The USDA has outlined the requirements of the Export Verification Program, which has strict measures to ensure that there are no incidents that could lead to another ban.

“Cattle must be traceable to the U.S. birth farm using a unique identifier, or if imported to the first place of residence or port of entry.”

The above is not a surprise. Since we launched automed, we have been trying to spread the word that traceability and compliance are increasingly going to be fundamental for successful operations.

With automed, we have created a system that can fulfil these requirements with ease. Producers will have tamper-proof data proving where their cattle were born. Added to that, all treatments and drugs administered from birth through to slaughter will be available for audit.

The livestock industry is changing. A great product is not a great product unless it meets regulatory conditions. This is a boon for intensive livestock producers, who now have the tools to authenticate the quality of their products easily.

automed continues to work on ways to make lives easier for producers.

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