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There aren’t many names as synonymous with the livestock industry than that of Tru-Test. Tru-Test is a trusted brand and a global leader across a range of vital tools for livestock producers, from electronic weight scales through to RFID readers.

As we have mentioned before, the automed system was developed with integration in mind. We see automed as not just a useful tool on its own; we see it as having the potential to combine with other systems and equipment to make both automed and the partnering system more efficient for the producer.

Given the prevalence of Tru-Test, there were no doubts that we needed to make sure that automed’s integration platform was able to integrate perfectly with Tru-Test scales and RFID readers. Over the past months, we have been working closely with Tru-Test Group to make this a reality. While we still have some way to go, we can now proudly announce that automed is integrated with Tru-Test Bluetooth/Wi-Fi scales and RFID readers.

Tru-Test and automed
Tru-Test integration with automed

The Process Towards Tru-Test Integration

Our first step towards integration was to focus on the XR5000 scale head. What we wanted was for the scale to send the weight to automed so that weight-based medication dosages could be automatically optimised for the correct weight.

There were some coding challenges, but that is where our focus on partnerships and full integration comes in. For automed to simply work with the integrated equipment or system is not enough, we don’t stop until it’s as if automed and the partnering tool were developed together from the very start. Once we cleaned up the coding and thoroughly tested the changes, automed and the XR5000 scale head were working together in harmony.

The next step was to match data from the XRS RFID stick reader to that coming from the XR5000 scale head and then send both sets of data to automed. Some challenges needed solving, but after putting in the work, we can confirm that automed now successfully receives Tag and weight data via a Bluetooth connection.

The Next Steps

While we are pleased with the level of integration that has been introduced so far, we are well aware that there is potential for even further integration between automed and Tru-Test. Currently, we are focused on making sure all RFID readers and scale heads are working 100% for our clients.

Stay tuned for further Tru-Test integration developments and if you have any queries feel free to contact us at

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    1. We do have an integration already completed for the Aleis RFID readers. If you want to talk further please feel free to contact us and we can discuss it further.

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