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On the cutting edge of animal health & driving innovative livestock management technology is the automed Web PortalThere’s nothing we love more than to help producers enter into best practice digital livestock management with field-tested, innovative technology. Getting you set up on the land with our web portal is easy.

An Integrated Treatment Management System

The web portal is a specially designed website bringing information together from the diverse sources that already exist on your operation. As an open platform that can be integrated with your current management system, the web portal connects through the automed application to your existing RFID readers and scale heads.

The automed web portal is the central online repository for all your animal treatment records, collecting data from the automed app, which records each treatment at the time the animal is treated. This eliminates the need for manual records, saving you many hours of fiddly paperwork.

The automed app works seamlessly in cooperation with the automed delivery device. The app can be housed within any Android smart phone or tablet. So that you can treat your animals hands-free, the app is also available on the automed Watch. Using the app you’ll receive accurate treatment records in ‘real’ time.

The web portal provides total user management. The web portal can also be customised with ‘mashups’ or intranet dashboards to suit your preferences in webpage content. Multiple property sites can each have their own interface within the website. Each portlet on the website is dedicated to displaying information on specific data. It’s so easy to manage and monitor the web portal, view user records, inventory lists and transactions. Not only that, but the web portal is accessible from remote locations.

Privacy Matters

Privacy settings are built in and security of data is assured by the automed privacy policy. The information is collected by way of communication between the user’s device and the web portal. Ownership of producer data lies solely with the producer, and treatment data is tamper-proof.

automed will help you understand and set up your new system with training and support.

If your property’s internet signal is patchy, don’t worry, the automed delivery device continues to send data to the app without having to be on the internet. Cross-farm transmissions to all your devices are instantaneous, even when off-line. And just for something more to ease your mind, the device is cloud-based, so there is no limit to the amount of data it can send and store.

Internet connectivity is required when synchronizing the application to the web portal, but this doesn’t need to be done until you’ve finished treating for the day. Throughout the day you can monitor and view all records on the automed app. automed will help you understand and set up your new system with training and support.

We genuinely care about the health of your animals and your operation. We are focused on sustainably raising animals that consumers can have confidence in.

As the leaders in innovative livestock medicating systems, automed can be trusted.

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