The automed Adapters

Introducing the automed adapter range

automed adapters provide a new way to administer medication through injection, drench, pour-on or intra-nasal. Working in tandem with the automed delivery device, each adapter can give multiple doses in one treatment. This means that the maximum dose isn’t limited by the volume of the adapter. Each adapter can deliver a dose over its volume by splitting the treatment over several doses. Adapters come in sizes 3mL, 5mL, 10mL, 20mL and 30mL.

automed adapters deliver the correct dose every time, automatically. Optimal medication is calculated by the device, for each animal, either by fixed or weight-based dosage. Cross-contamination is a thing of the past, with the adapters each configured to a single product, protecting you and your livestock.

Hand-held without the Strain

Once you’ve configured the adapter for a specific medication through the automed app, the system will recognise the medication to be administered every time. All you need to do is clip the adapter on the device, and prepare and attach the medication to the adapter. Even this is made easy with automed’s bottle mount or line feed connections. Once you’ve connected, you’re ready to start medicating.

Pulling the trigger on the automed device requires the power of only one finger, saving your hands from strain. After all, tired hands can accidentally deliver the incorrect dose. Plus, the automed device is designed to fit comfortably in your hand. Facilitating medication delivery to all of your livestock, regardless of treatment size or type, is made easy with the automed adapter range. Every adapter clips on to the same device, so you only need one!

Digital Records, Easy Auditing

All treatment data is recorded digitally, eliminating manual records. The automed device reads and transmits treatment information between your own RFID readers or scale heads and the automed app and web portal. Data recorded includes animal weight, ID, date and time of treatment, and medication; among other vital information you can use to effectively manage your operation.

Just imagine the auditing process being completely automated.

The automed device and adapters provide superior treatment delivery, fulfill your ergonomic and auditing needs and managing multiple site inventories, a real global first.

Automatically administering accurate doses with the automed device and adapters through a consistent, self-adjusting delivery system, you will save money on wasted medication. The medication you do delivery will be more effective as every animal received only exactly what they need. Medicating your animals will become a lot quicker, because the dose speed is under 1.5 seconds. We want you to see healthy animals and a healthier bank balance.

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