automed’s smart watch

Smart technology just made livestock medication delivery even easier. Ever think about how much time you could save if you weren't manually entering trea...

U.S. Beef Producers Back in (Beijing) Business

In June it was announced that China’s 14-year ban on importing beef from the U.S. was finally coming to an end. The ban, which was levied in 2003, after a mad cow disease scare, completely closed off U.S. livestock farmers from being able to benefit from the growing Chinese market…

automed forges major distribution partnership with Canada’s UFA Co-operative Limited

Australian innovator set to stampede into new market Australian agri-tech company automed has broken into the Canadian livestock market by securing a partnership with the major agricultural cooperative UFA Co-operative Limited. Through UFA Co-operative Ltd, Canadian producers now have access to automed’s revolutionary livestock medication system which not only delivers…

The automed Adapters

Working in tandem with the automed delivery device, each adapter can deliver multiple doses in one treatment. No more cross-contamination worries as each...

The automed Delivery Device

The automed Delivery Device is a game changer, designed to accurately deliver medication, record treatments and manage multiple site inventories. All trea..

automed Revolutionising the Dairy Industry

Producers need solutions to assist with their compliance and quality assurance obligations. No longer do farmers have to struggle with traditional inject...

Samira Davoodi using automed

automed 2016: year in review

It has been a whirlwind year for automed in 2016. Join us in looking back over all the excitement, from launch to winning gold.

automed integration with Gallagher

The automed platform is now integrated with Gallagher's TSi 2 weight scale and HR5 stick reader. Find out what this means for your operations.

National iAwards Winners

automed is the standout winner of the 2016 national iAwards with three wins for innovation in informations and communications technology.

World Dairy Expo

See You At World Dairy Expo

automed will be making our first visit to the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin. automed offers exciting new innovations for dairy producers.

Dairy Production

Lowering Costs For Dairy Production

In dairy production, automed is able to lower medication and labor costs to make management of operations more profitable.

Tru-Test Integration Partners

automed is now integrated with Tru-Test readers and scale heads. Find out how this partnership will provide benefits for your production.

Lamb production automed

Data: The Future of Lamb Production

How the sheep industry uses data to reduce costs and improve the quality of lamb production. The automed platform helps producers to achieve this and more.


Lambex 2016 Preview

Lambex is the premium expo for the sheep industry and automed is making its first appearance at the event. Come find us and see what automed can do for you.

automed USA

The Launch of automed USA

We are proud to announce the launch of automed USA. We look forward to working with the U.S. livestock markets to create better product at lower costs.

World Pork Expo

Reviewing World Pork Expo

automed made its first appearance at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines. Read all about our experience at this pork expo of pork expos.

Livestock podcast

Marketing Lab Podcast

David Edwards, founder of automed, has a fun and informative podcast chat about the company and the livestock industry as a whole. Listen here.

World Pork Expo 2016

automed at World Pork Expo 2016

The automed team is heading to Iowa for our first appearance at the World Pork Expo. Make sure you pay us a visit and get a first-hand look at automed.

automed for feedlots and producers

Improving the Feedlot and Producer Relationship

The livestock industry is made up of important, interlocking supply-chain relationships. Each link in the chain has a vital role and a responsibility to the the greater supply chain. We would argue that no relationship is more important than the one that exists between the producer and the feedlot. With…

Reviewing the Pan Pacific Pork Expo

Our first appearance at the Pan Pacific Pork Expo was a memorable one. Read automed's CEO, David Edwards, give his thoughts on the event.

automed at Pan Pacific Pork Expo

Previewing the Pan Pacific Pork Expo

As the automed team gears up for its first appearance at the Pan Pacific Pork Expo, we take a look at the speakers that interest us the most.

automed box - livestock medication

Livestock Medication Just Got Sexy

The automed platform is more than a great livestock medication system - even our packaging is first rate. Enjoy a first look at the automed box.


Introducing automed

automed is the next-generation livestock medication solution offering producers the opportunity to lower costs and improve their operational efficiency.

Livestock Medication

The Problem With Antibiotics

Just how responsible is the farm for resistance to antibiotics? We do a deep dive into this hot button issue. The results may be surprising.

automed - producer and consumer

Biting the Hand that Feeds You

How the consumer and livestock producer relationship broke down and what it means for the future security of food supply.

Livestock production solutions

Livestock Production Solutions

The modern producer is tech-savvy and open to innovations that would improve their productivity. We look at the future of livestock production solutions.