The support system to rely on

Partnerships help automed build global support structure

When we started on this journey together, we made a promise to be as transparent and open about our experience with automed as possible. The automed system is about helping producers get an even more clear and sharp view of their operations, and we want the same kind of clarity to apply to how we build our business.

Since our launch at the start of 2016, one of the greatest challenges that we’ve faced is that of being able to scale to demand. At the very beginning, we had a measured plan to roll automed into the Australian market with a global strategy slowly unfolding after that.

But the market had other ideas. The demand, which exceeded our expectations, necessitated a shortened timeline. We were up to the challenge and remain incredibly proud of how responsive we were in reworking our strategy and establishing automed USA in just a few very busy months.

Keeping up with the pace of expansion has been an exciting challenge, but we’ve been able to meet it every step of the way. However, we knew that to get to the next level in terms of support and service we needed to extend our existing capabilities.

Getting the best out of automed

This year we decided that automed would benefit from distribution partners with established networks to make sales and support more efficient, allowing more customers to reap the real benefits of the entire system. If you’ve been following automed’s progress this year you will know that we have reached major distribution deals with Neogen, UFA Co-Op, and Think Livestock.

These strategic partnerships are not just providing exposure and reliable support systems to users of automed, they are also helping us focus on the areas that we are most passionate about – the development of existing and new products, increasing manufacturing capabilities to meet demand, and building our own world-class support structure for customers all around the world. We’re personally getting to know each of our customers, and it feels great! What better way to develop our product than to add functionality that users actually want? With an ever increasing support network around the globe, we’re committed to ensuring every producer benefits from the automed system. From ensuring you have a real person to talk to when you call, to scaling with the growth of your operation through new and enhanced development, we’re here.

With automed, any idea can become a reality.

We can already see that this approach is leading to greater productivity and a more cost-effective product; one that can be used across the entire operation.

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