Set & Forget Now Available

Set & Forget enhances the usability of the automed system.

The newly released Set & Forget feature allows automed users to set-up the system through the automed App, then disconnect from the App, while leaving the App behind to deliver livestock treatments. After dosing is complete, the user can then reconnect to the app to synchronize all of the data. It is available for both the Android and iOS apps.

Set & Forget

“The new Set & Forget feature reduces complexity and enhances the ease of use of the automed system,” comments David Edwards, CEO, automed. “We have taken on board customer feedback and focussed on enhancing the way users implement the automed system.”

This new feature will provide a great benefit to the livestock industry, including swine producers who are unable to take mobile devices into sites (buildings) for biosecurity purposes.

Once the automed adapter has been configured and the dose has been set, the App can be disconnected from the device, and dosing continues seamlessly. All of the tamper-proof medication records, including RFID tags, are stored on the device and can be synchronized using the app after the dosing session is complete.

The Set & Forget platform makes setting up and using the automed system easy and simple while maintaining the benefits of ergonomic dosing and tamper-proof treatment records. 

“It is vital for us to continually improve and enhance the automed system for our users,” adds Edwards. “This new feature enables users to access the system through the automed App, then administer livestock medication without using the App.”

Key benefits of the new Set & Forget feature:

  • Allows for use of the automed system with no cell or data service
  • Allows for use of the automed system in facilities without using the App
  • Reconnect to the App after dosing to sync data
  • Utilize the App to run updates and reconfigure the system

To learn more about the new automed Set & Forget feature – contact automed.

The Set & Forget firmware update can be found on our Support site here:

Download the Set & Forget Flyer here.

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About automed: automed is a global solution in automatic livestock medication systems. With one single system, automed can automatically calculate, deliver and record livestock treatments, and effectively help livestock producers manage their operation. To learn more about automed, visit

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