Previewing the Pan Pacific Pork Expo

This week sees the return of the annual Pan Pacific Pork Expo, at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre in Broadbeach. As we mentioned before, automed will be making our first appearance (of many, hopefully) at this year’s expo and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Not only is this a great chance to meet people from the pork industry and engage in discussion about our automed system, it is also an opportunity for us to attend some of the scheduled presentations from a host of expert speakers.

Here are a few presentations that we hope to catch at the Pan Pacific Pork Expo. We suggest you find some time to do the same.

Jude Capper

Presentation – The value of information to the consumer

Wednesday, 3 pm

Jude is a livestock sustainability consultant and as passionate of a defender of the livestock industry as it gets. What we appreciate is the fact that Jude, as committed as she is, can always ground her arguments in fact and common sense.

A look through her excellent blog, Bovidiva, finds a range of arguments and insights on the important topics that challenge the livestock industry. We should all feel fortunate to have Jude Capper in our corner. Her combination of in-depth knowledge, incredible drive and a sharp sense of humour is sure to make for a must-see presentation.

Dr. Patricia Mitchell

Presentation – AMR in Australia – where are we at and what do we need to do?

Thursday, 12 pm

Dr. Patricia Mitchell is an agricultural scientist and the Research & Innovation Manager at Australian Pork Limited. Her position and experience make her the perfect speaker for the expo. She is someone that has the necessary research background, but who is also wanting to take action on the ground. She believes in a united approach, and we couldn’t agree more.

Not only are we hoping to view Dr. Mitchell’s presentation, but we’re also hoping to have the opportunity to pick her brain on many topics relating to antimicrobial resistance and the overall health of herds. If we have a core mission statement, it is to make effective use innovation to find solutions for the livestock industry, and it sounds like Dr. Mitchell is similarly forward-thinking.

Dr. Peter Davies

Presentation – Anti-microbial resistance – what’s the world doing about it?

Thursday, 11.30 am

There won’t be many presentations from speakers as respected and knowledgeable as Dr. Davies. Among other research interests, he has a keen focus on swine health and production, as well as that of antimicrobial resistance.

These two topics will be on full show during his presentation, and we are looking forward to his analysis of the antimicrobial problem facing the pork and other livestock industries. At automed, we are trying to create a system that can help the producer and regulators to better manage this problem. It’s all about producing a safe product that consumers believe in. The input from experts like Dr. Davies is crucial to raising awareness and finding solutions.

Professor Darren Trott

Presentation – AMR New Technologies to Assist Risk Mitigation

Time – Thursday, 12.30 pm

Professor Trott is a veterinarian and microbiologist with over 100 peer-reviewed manuscripts. When it comes to the topic of antimicrobial resistance, Professor Trott is a wealth of knowledge. He was involved in an important national survey that looked into antibiotic resistance in Australia, and we’re sure some of these insights will be a part of his presentation.

This important topic is a major focus at the Pan Pacific Pork Expo, and we are curious to hear what the Professor can add to this critical discourse.

Inspiring Transformation

The theme of the 2016 Pan Pacific Pork Expo is that of ‘Inspiring Transformation.’ This is a theme that resonates with the team at automed, so we believe that the Pan Pacific Pork Expo will be the perfect platform to continue this discussion.

We look forward to learning from the expert speakers as well as the knowledgeable people that don’t have a platform at the expo. The most important thing is that we’re all working together to find solutions that benefit us all.

See you there!

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