One day with automed

A day in the life of automed’s James Yates.

“We genuinely care about each and every operation”.

As a rep for automed, every day is different, as well as vibrant with opportunities. Of course, travel is a huge part of my job. From one property to the next, I find that every operation has its own nuances, location challenges and so on. The first thing I usually explain is that automed is an exciting world first in what it does and more importantly, why producers need it.

When I meet with clients, we make full use of our time discussing procedures, technology, products, prices and services. At automed, we’re a family, and we treat every customer as if they are our only client.

 What do you really need?

What does the customer really need? Every operation presents its own unique opportunities for a change for the better. I love knowing that I can offer the best in cutting edge technology to help the processes of livestock management.

Believing in automed and knowing that they are constantly on the move towards even greater achievements inspires me to help producers build a strong foundation in automatic livestock medication treatments.

Answering the Tough Questions

As I explain the special benefits of the automed system I often hear statements like, ‘I’m no good at this type of thing’ or the ever popular ‘If it aint broke, don’t fix it!’ I understand these thoughts perfectly. Naturally, people need a good reason to make changes in their lives and operations.

Concerns about understanding the automed system combined with a feeling it may be too complex, can be easily overcome. By explaining the system and providing onsite training, automed are always there for their customers. I encourage them to contact us through one of the many avenues available as soon as they have any questions about the technology.

Our users love the integration aspect of automed and the way it has connected to their existing management systems. Plus, they automatically receive detailed records from the device without the need for additional record-keeping. Managers discover the savings created by automed in time, money and energy, not to mention their pleasure with the lower animal handling time resulting in a less stressful environment.

The way automed integrates with existing hardware has great appeal to instigate the change to digital. Potential customers discover that they can use the app on their existing Android smart phone, tablet or watch. The more people begin to realise how automed is built to complement their existing systems, the more open they are to give it a go.

Explaining internet connectivity can be a big issue for most. The internet is only required for synchronizing the web portal to the app, once you’ve come in from the field at day’s end.


No matter the size of the operation, there’s something that will work for everyone (and a price tag that fits). With what is saved on medication, time and energy by using automed, anyone moving into the new age of livestock medication delivery can’t afford not to give themselves the best in digital farming technology. There is of course the commercial benefit for larger operations interested in traceability and compliance, while others simply enjoy the basic record keeping. We’re tailoring our product to fit in with every aspect of producers of all sizes.

Follow Up Service

After installation of the automed open integration platform, I give all customers a call to see how they are handling the new system. Whenever possible, I go on-site to have a chat and see how things are going. I take whatever steps necessary to solve any issues that have arisen and answer any questions, which can even mean spending a day or two on their property. I provide ongoing phone and online support as well. It’s great to see once customers are up-and-running and enjoying their new system. At automed we are in constant contact with our clients.

It’s about the relationship and the journey. It’s all part of my job. And I love it.

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