New U.S. production facilities come online

We had a lot of good news in 2017, and 2018 has started no differently.

Up until now, automed has been produced in our facility in Canberra, Australia. We’ve kept up with the pace of demand quite well, but to meet our future needs, we realised that increased capacity would be required sooner rather than later.

We’re a proactive bunch at automed, so we quickly decided to go with “sooner.”

                               Introducing the new automed production facility

From the beginning of December, we have moved production to our brand new facility in Ames, Iowa. The state-of-the-art facility is more than double the size of our facilities in Australia. This allows us to warehouse more components as well as finished adapters and devices. The extra space is significantly improving our distribution capabilities.

With more production team members, it’s not just size but also the speed of assembly that is being enhanced. Simply put, we can now produce automed products in half the time. In addition, parts sourced from around the world will arrive in the U.S. much quicker, meaning further increased productivity.

Overall, from the production side, automed is now in a much greater position to produce and deliver for our global customers.

With production moving off-shore, the automed team headquartered in Canberra, Australia is now able to focus exclusively on product design and customer support. Australia remains our centre of excellence and the origin of automed.

With improved production processes and capabilities in the U.S. combined with our local team working to improve automed and support on a daily basis, we believe that automed is now better positioned to meet the global demand for our award-winning livestock medication delivery system.

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