New Partnership Launches automed Into Africa

The key to success is a strong network of partners that works closely with their local customers and helps to advance and improve the system as the new standard in medication delivery. automed is pleased to announce the recent partnership with AgVision International (AVI) in Uganda.

AgVision International

AVI has the envision to maximize food production to its full potential. They form holistic solutions through development and management operations for customers seeking to develop agricultural lands, value chains, or food products. Through partnerships, they bring together a network of global agriculture and business experts whose broad perspective facilitates a streamlined farm-to-fork value chain. AVI is ambitiously setting the bar for the growing food sector while maintaining a youthful team that is capable of taking on challenging and diverse projects. 

“AgVision International sees automed as an ideal partner to bring inventory management and delivery of pharmaceutical solutions to the livestock of African producers,” comments Andrew Uden, president, AgVision International. “Africa is facing a time of immense productivity growth and investment into its livestock sector. AgVision International plans to play a key role in providing solutions to farmers and agribusinesses that help to create sustainable systems of traceability and operational management. automed allows AgVision International the capacity to bring this traceability and system control to African producers at a time when traceability is now a standard and not a luxury.” 

Their combined experience in the agriculture sector exceeds 160 years. AVI believes economic empowerment will ripple through the communities in which they operate, touching all, regardless of background or occupation. They hold genuine care for not only improving agriculture in Africa but improving the quality of life for all people in their reach.

“This partnership is an exciting growth for automed,” says David Edwards, CEO. “With this partnership, we are now serving livestock producers in all continents, excluding Antarctica.

Developing the partnership

With a focus on expanding throughout the beef industry globally, automed provides a solution to enable weight-based medication for this audience.  

“Not only are we excited to expand our network into Africa and Uganda, but to further help cattle producers improve their ways of livestock medication while saving them time and money,” adds Edwards.

Working closing with AVI will not only provide an opportunity to help automed grow globally but will give livestock producers in the region an opportunity to use a system that enables weight-based dosing and data recording. With AVI’s focus on sustainability and improving agriculture in Africa, a partnership with automed fits hand-in-hand.

To learn more about AgVision International, visit: 

About automed: automed is a global solution in automatic livestock medication systems. With one single system, automed can automatically calculate, deliver and record livestock treatments, and effectively help livestock producers manage their operation. To learn more about automed, visit

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