Lowering Costs For Dairy Production

From the very beginning, automed was developed to improve, if not outright solve, many problems that the livestock industry is facing. The beauty of automed is in the range of benefits that it offers all across the supply chain and into different livestock sectors, including dairy.

We’ve talked a lot about what automed offers the feedlot and pork industries, but we’ve admittedly been a bit quiet on the dairy industry. Don’t mistake this quietness as us not having something to say; it was purely a matter of resources as, ever since our launch in early 2016, we’ve been working full-tilt to set up global operations.

As the company has grown, in particular with the founding of the U.S. division of automed, we are now in a position to talk with confidence about what automed can do for the dairy production.

How does automed help the dairy industry?

automed for dairy producers
automed for dairy producers

Quite a lot, as it turns out. There are a range of benefits, from the next-level ergonomics of the automed applicator to the integration with hardware and other management systems that we could talk about but there are two fundamental aspects that we want to focus on: traceability and dosage efficiency. Two things that every dairy producer should be aware of.

For instance, the consumer and regulatory push towards greater transparency is something we saw coming many years ago. To this end, automed offers automatic data capture of all animal medications – what we call Full Life Traceability – so that producers can more easily meet these requirements.

In the dairy industry, the prospect of an entire day’s milking being contaminated by a single cow adds even greater emphasis to the correct application of medication to prevent illness. It also works the other way, because of accurate dosing and automation, which automed provides, plays a major role in the bottom line.

The bottom line for dairy production

Profit margins are more important than ever as milk prices continue to trend low. In fact, there is going to be a presentation at World Dairy Expo on this very topic (Dr. Robert Parsons – “Surviving Low Milk Prices.”) This is where automed can deliver tangible savings for dairy producers.

Instead of manually adjusting the dosage according to the weight of the cow, automed automates the process, making it so much more efficient. Labour costs will be lower, which means greater savings for dairy producers. We think you’ll agree that greater profits are a very welcome benefit in the current dairy production climate.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@automed.io, and we will be happy to answer them.

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