Livestock Medication Just Got Sexy

Meet the automed Box

“Is there an iPad in there?”

The answer is no, but this is the kind of association that we welcome. We don’t believe that just because a product is made for the producer that it needs to look like it was made in the backyard and must be painful to use.

Make no mistake, automed is designed from the ground up with the farmer in mind. It will do everything you need from a modern automated solution to livestock medication, and a whole lot more than that.

But why stop there? Why is the bar set so consistently low in the livestock industry? We are pushing to create an excellent product across the board, which includes user experience, design, support, website and packaging.

automed box
Inside the automed box

Inside the automed Box

As you can see, the automed Box is now complete and, if you don’t mind me saying, is one sleek and sexy looking package. Inside the box are a quick setup guide, the automed applicator, two batteries, and an adapter to house the medication.

We have committed the past four years to completing our decade-long vision for the automed system, and you can be sure that when your next generation livestock medication arrives, you’re going to realize that we didn’t just chuck this thing together over a long weekend. We’ve invested a ton of time, work and passion into making the best product possible.

automed box
The automed box

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