Lambex 2016 Preview

automed is on the road again. We are heading to Lambex 2016, the premium Australian Lamb expo taking place in Albury, NSW, from the 10-12 of August.

automed at Lambex
automed at Lambex Expo

The past six months have seen us taking automed all over the world. We have conducted trials, developed partnerships, and presented automed at various exhibitions. It was a race to get our materials ready in time for the first Pan Pacific Pork Expo earlier this year, but now that we have so many positive expo experiences under our belt we feel at home in the expo environment. We get excited about every new opportunity to show automed to a new audience.

What is automed?

automed is a medication delivery system unlike any other. We’ve been working in the pork and beef markets but are now expanding our focus to the lamb industry. Every livestock industry has unique needs and we’ve put the work in to ensure that the automed applicator and system is able to meet all of those needs. Whether you’re delivering an injectable vaccination into cattle or administering a pour-on medication for lamb, the system is designed to make the life of the producer so much easier.

We have worked closely with lamb producers and we believe that automed’s automatic delivery system and accurate dosing will do more than just save time and money. For one, the ergonomics of the automed applicator will make producers never want to touch another medication delivery device.

A data approach to lamb production

More than physical benefits, the lamb industry is increasingly looking to analytics and objective data. At the same time consumers are demanding greater traceability. This is where automed truly comes into its own, offering Full Life Traceability for every animal. Not only does this make the product compliant, it will increasingly serve as added value.

We look forward to discussing all this and more at Lambex next week. Be sure to pop over and say hello. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have and we’ll be able to show you automed up close. We’ll also have free brochures on hand so come grab one early in case we run out.

See you at Lambex 2016!

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