Introducing Todd Sturdy

Passion and enthusiasm. These are the characteristics that reinforced the creation of automed. These are also characteristics that are at the core of Todd Sturdy, our latest addition to the automed team. Todd is the new Sales Manager for automed USA, having joined us from Brookstone Group.

Todd’s journey into the livestock industry was unorthodox, having spent 26 years as an American Football coach at the collegiate level. During his time leading young men on the field, Todd honed his leadership, management, and motivation skills. These are the skills that he will use to spread the word about automed in the U.S.

The timing is right

Visitors to the automed booth, at the recent World Pork Expo in Iowa, experienced first-hand the passion and enthusiasm that Todd has for the automed system. Todd talks enthusiastically about the potential of the product, “The timing is spot on. There is a need and demand in the market that is hard to ignore. Everyone ‘gets’ it, it just becomes a question of whether the product can deliver. Thankfully, the quality of the product is excellent, and when people get their hands on it, they become instant supporters of what we’re doing.”

A hands-on approach

As the U.S. division of automed takes shape, Todd is wasting no time. He is traveling the country to meet with interested beef and pork producers, giving on-site demonstrations and trials to show-off the ergonomics and automation that make automed such a sought-after solution for livestock producers.

Todd isn’t resting on his laurels and is well aware that there are always challenges for new disruptive technologies. “People are wary of the new kid on the block. There is interest from the Beef and Pork producers, software integrators, vets, pharmaceutical companies, and distributors. The challenge is to tie all of this interest into an effective sales model that opens doors.”

With his background in football, there’s surely no better man than Todd Sturdy to help automed break through stubborn defences.

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