Introducing Samira Davoodi

Samira Davoodi is not just the co-founder of automed; she is also the wife of CEO, David Edwards. Samira’s journey is atypical, to say the least, starting in Iran where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Archeology and Art History before an interest in technology saw her path shift to IT with the position of sales and marketing manager for the leading internet provider in Iran. She worked closely with their biggest customers, from the oil and gas industry to the major banking institutions.

Samira has come a long way; quite literally. She is now fully settled in Australia where she is studying an MBA, looking after the family, and helping to make automed a successful global brand. But before automed was a company and a product, it was just an idea in David’s head.

Samira Davoodi and David Edwards: A powerful team

Samira talks of this time, “David had been looking to return to his farming roots, and the concept for an automatic livestock medication system was his way back. It was challenging at the beginning, as the technology wasn’t advanced enough to do what he needed, but I encouraged him not to let go of his dream.”

Eventually, progress in technology meant that the automed project was now possible, so Samira and David co-founded the company and full-time development began. Samira was initially involved on a part-time basis, working on the accounts and financials, but is now working full-time as the COO and director of business, a role that has her managing production, sourcing components from all over the world, organising international logistics, and implementing robust quality assurance.

Working with your partner isn’t always easy, but Samira Davoodi assures that together, both in the home and at work, they make a great team. “It took us some time to establish the necessary boundaries, but now I can say that David and I have an incredibly successful working relationship. We’re able to separate family life from automed as much as possible and, at our core, we are both problem solvers.”

Growth and the future for automed

Samira’s pride, for her husband’s idea and for what the company has already accomplished, is evident. “We’ve just won three national innovation awards, and the feedback from the industry has been overwhelmingly positive. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves to make sure we aren’t dreaming.”

Samira certainly isn’t resting on the company’s initial successes. She has identified upcoming challenges that still need solving, like how to fulfil orders in the short term by creating a quality production facility in ACT, Australia. With David by her side and a growing team of talented and hardworking individuals, she believes that no ambition is out of reach.

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