Introducing Phillip Edwards

We’ve talked a lot about recent new additions to the growing automed team. There is also a small group that have been involved all the way back to the beginning. David Edwards, founder of automed, has been leaning on his brother, Phillip Edwards, from back when automed was just an idea.

Phillip has a long history in the industry, mainly in agricultural management and intensive and extensive livestock farming. His experience was leveraged to great effect in the early days of development. His input helped shape the product features, and when the first automed prototype was ready, the first trials took place on Phillip’s farm.

Phillip Edwards and automed support

Today, Phillip is still heavily involved with automed trials, on his on farm and others. He is also leading customer support and training. It has always been a goal for automed to offer a world-class support structure and Phillip is tasked with making that a reality.

Being involved from the start, Phillip can’t help but be impressed at the progress made. “When I think back to where we started, it’s still amazing to me that we now have this polished product that’s already making a global impact. I still get a kick out of showing livestock producers the innovation and benefits that automed brings. If they were sceptical when I arrived, they’re believers by the time I leave.”

The benefits of automed

When talking about the biggest advantage that automed introduces, Phillip struggles to narrow it down to just one, “If I had to pick one, for a producer it has to be about the bottom line. The paperless trail and lower admin costs allow producers to improve their management and save money in the process. Of course, for the guy that uses the applicator in the field, he’s only going to care about how great his hands feel after a long day in the field. For him, it’s the comfort and ergonomics that are the be-all and end-all.”

Whatever benefits you enjoy most from automed, you can thank Phillip for a crucial role in their development and know that he is working hard to make automed support a reliable and genuine partnership for every customer.

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