Introducing Luke Magyar

Luke Magyar, Head of Mechanical Engineering.

To achieve our long-term ambitions, we look for passionate and skilled team members who can grow with the company; Luke Magyar exemplifies this profile and then some.

It’s true that automed has achieved a great deal since its launch in 2012. But we are a forward-thinking company – our ambitions extend beyond our current capabilities and a single product. Ultimately, we want to continually create systems and technologies that make life easier for producers, while also making better products for consumers.

Luke first became involved with automed in November 2016 and has been a key part of the development team since. Luke has a Bachelor of Engineering (R&D) (Honours) from the Australian National University, specialising in Mechanical and Material Systems, and Project Management. During his studies, Luke was involved in several pioneering research projects and this experience is critical to delivering products at automed.

Suited for automed

At automed, Magyar leads hardware development and engineering, ensuring that automed is delivering the most reliable, robust and up-to-date technology available. His background in R&D and systems engineering is ideally suited to creating a complete system that addresses the challenges of the agricultural sector. 

automed founder, David Edwards, believes that Luke is perfectly suited to the company, “Luke’s engineering studies have taught him the design processes and problem-solving techniques that align with our technology and systems approach to finding solutions for producers.”

Magyar’s day-to-day tasks include creating CAD models, conducting research and calculations, testing prototypes, evaluating designs and coordinating hardware development.  We quickly realized that he thrives on unique engineering challenges and is keen to see cutting-edge technology incorporated seamlessly into agricultural products.

As Magyar puts it himself, “I really love that my job involves so many facets of engineering as well as elements of business administration, procurement and logistics, intellectual property and project management. automed isn’t afraid to task the hardware development team with new, difficult or foreign tasks. I feel as though I am continually learning and growing within the company as we meet these challenges.”

Today and the Future

As impressed as we are by Luke, he is just as taken with the automed project, “The speed at which automed has grown and delivered a high-quality system to the market is remarkable. Everyone here is committed and focused on a continuous drive to improve the platform and look towards innovative technology.”

One thing’s for certain; we are thrilled to have talent like Luke as a part of the automed family. It’s people like him that will ensure automed continues to progress well into the future.

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