Introducing Ljiljana Sittler

automed CEO and Founder, David Edwards, knew he needed help. The company had taken off much faster than anticipated and David was being pulled in every direction at once. He needed an executive assistant, but dreaded the prospect of having to work in close cooperation with someone that was not able to deal with the demands of the job, let alone his “no BS” personality.

David considered that interviewing for the position might even be a waste of time, but that’s because he hadn’t yet met Ljiljana Sittler. Once he had, everything became very clear.

Ljiljana quickly emerged as the outstanding candidate and in just over a month of working for automed, has rapidly established herself as a valuable resource for both David and automed. Her success is due in large part to her ability to perform under pressure and take everything in good humour.

Joining the automed team

When talking about her impressions of her first month with automed, Ljiljana’s passion is evident. She says: “It’s intense, but I love it. There’s so much going on that there’s never a dull moment. David thinks three steps ahead and has 40 ideas a day, so keeping up is a fun challenge. The work is non-stop, ever-changing and incredibly rewarding.”

Her day-to-day work covers a variety of tasks such as arranging David’s itinerary; keeping in touch with potential clients, distributors, and integration partners; ensuring correct cash flow; analysing for efficiency; pushing through agreements and helping Samira Davoodi (automed’s COO) with procurement.

The future of automed

Even though Ljiljana has only been with automed for a short time, she already feels a part of something special. “I think it’s amazing that I get to contribute to the growth and evolution of a pioneer in the livestock industry.”

As automed continues to expand and gain global market share, Ljiljana’s workload will not be easing anytime soon; so it’s thankful that she has the drive to tackle whatever is thrown in her direction.

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