Introducing Kathleen Aschoff

When it comes to the automed team, there are generally two types of hires.

The first type typically comes from different industries, but they have complementary skills and the ability to learn what the livestock industry is all about quickly. The other type comes to the company with a wealth of knowledge of the industry.

Kathleen Aschoff falls into the second category. In fact, we’d say she was born to work with automed.

A Perfect Fit

Kathleen got her Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science with a minor in Agricultural Business before proceeding to work for a registered cattle ranch and the American Shorthorn Association. Added to that, her fiancé raises cattle, so her immersion in the world of livestock is truly 24/7.

Kathleen discovered automed at the National Cattleman’s Beef Association (NCBA) tradeshow in Nashville in 2017. During this visit, she met the automed US division and was blown away by the technology and vision behind the automed system.

This week she returns to NCBA but this time as a Support and Training representative of automed.

Support and Training

Kathleen joined the automed team in August of 2017 and hasn’t looked back since. Her extensive background and work ethic helped to make Kathleen an asset to the team from day one. Her experiences also provide a helpful ability to see things from the point of view of the customer, which is another reason why she excels in her role as manager of Support and Training for automed USA.

Kathleen works directly with automed customers to ensure their businesses are getting the most out of the automed system. With Support and Training being a major focus for the company, Kathleen’s role cannot be understated. Whether it’s online, email, phone, or helping customers onsite – she is doing everything she can to ensure that customers are profiting from the automed system.

2018 and Beyond

Moving into 2018, Kathleen sees automed becoming ever more influential, “the biggest challenge is that automed is still new. As automed continues to gain customers word will spread because the system works beautifully. I believe that automed is set to become a major force in the livestock industry and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

Kathleen and automed will be attending NCBA in Phoenix from January 31 – February 2. If you’re planning to attend, be sure to say hello!


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