Introducing Jeff Wiemold

As a leading AgTech company, we understand the importance of a strong and talented team. Jeff Wiemold joined the automed team in 2018 with a wealth of knowledge as our Software Developer and Cloud Computing Solutions Architect. His skill set and his ‘up for a challenge’ mindset are great strengths of his, but he is strong in more ways than one (keep reading!).

Jeff Wiemold

Jeff attended Iowa State University for Computer Science. Before coming to automed full time, he applied his classroom education to internship opportunities while gaining real-world software experience. While interning at The Climate Corporation, he worked on internal tools related to imaging software for corn and soybean fields. In addition, his internship at Meredith Corporation provided involvement within their network and application security team.

Building an infrastructure

With automed, Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to our cloud computing infrastructure. He maintains the servers and implements new solutions for software development. Another main priority to Jeff’s role at automed is developing and maintaining our android app. Within the android app, Jeff creates and enables new updates, as well as improves the functionality of the app to meet the needs of our customers.

“Coming from an agriculture background, I saw a lot of value in automed as a product,” comments Wiemold. “I found that automed was a great place to start my career after college. One of the perks of working at a startup is that I am able to have a direct impact on a technology that I believe will revolutionize the AgTech industry in a positive way.”

His knowledge doesn’t stop there. In fact, he is well-knowledgeable in all aspects of software development including IT, AWS, and web system development.

“Jeff has proven himself and his capabilities during his time here at automed,” comments David Edwards, CEO. “He has been instrumental in the globalization of the automed system.”

As a problem-solver nonetheless, Jeff works closely within the development team, as well as with our support team to take feedback from automed customers and find solutions to make the automatic livestock medication system easier and better, providing a greater benefit to users.

Strength and endurance

Outside of software development, Jeff comes to automed with a background in the agriculture industry and raising livestock, specifically pork from growing up on his family’s farm in Northwest Iowa.

Outside of work, you can likely find Jeff at the gym. He enjoys staying active by weightlifting, running, hiking, and playing basketball. In fact, he is currently training to run a marathon this fall. Although he had never considered himself a runner prior to training for his marathon, he was looking for something new to challenge himself. When he needs a break from being active, he also enjoys playing video games.

Jeff’s favorite part of automed? The culture!

Jeff Wiemold has the strength, endurance, and knowledge to make him a great fit for the automed team.

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