Introducing James Yates

The development of automed has taken many years of work from a small, core team. Since launch, earlier this year, automed has taken off globally. The pace of roll-out made it clear that our team needed some high-quality additions.

In particular, David Edwards (Founder & CEO) was looking for individuals who could immediately contribute towards the day-to-day operations of automed. This would free David to focus on the larger strategic goals and partnerships. Enter James Yates, automed’s new National Sales Manager.

A trusted skillset

James joins us with a range of qualifications and work experiences including Electrical Service Engineer, Automation Engineer, Sales Specialist and Project Manager. Having worked together with David in the past, we know that James had the “all-rounder” characteristics to take ownership of many key responsibilities.

If James is overwhelmed by this responsibility he’s certainly hiding it well. “automed is a dynamic and fast-paced company, which means there is always something exciting or challenging going on. There’s never a dull moment around here, and that suits my personality down to the bone,” says James.

Having just joined the automed team, James’ role will continue to grow. For now, he is mainly working with contractors to ensure product focus. He is also following up sales leads, organizing onsite trials and working closely with David to ensure the company is heading in the right direction.

His communication, customer focus, and technical mind make James a great fit for automed. Whether it’s working with a customer in the field or helping to define and solve technical issues back in the office, James is already making an impact.

James Yates on the future of automed

As for the future, James believes that automed has genuine global appeal, “Our biggest challenge right now is being able to meet the demand for the automed system within the market. If we can continue to keep pace with that demand, the future potential is massive. I can see us being a global OEM within the next couple years.”

With exceptional people like James Yates joining the team, the chances of achieving that goal are greater every single day.

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