Introducing Harris Law

Harris Law

As a leading AgTech company in livestock medication, it is important that automed has the tools in place to help the end user to be successful, and that starts with the automed team. Harris Law, Head of Application Development, started with automed in February of 2017 in Australia.

Harris’ primary role includes ensuring the best usability for automed users by creating, implementing and improving the automed software systems. With automed, he has played an integral role in the development of the Android and Windows apps, and the integration of the automed system with other industry partners. He also works with the automed Web Portal ensuring that it is up-to-date and easy to use.

A natural fit

Harris brings a strong background and knowledge in application development, including a degree in Bachelor of Advanced Computing (Honours). Prior to joining automed, he had apps published on the microsoft store, and his honour year project was about using an artificial neural network to distinguish the gesture based on muscle signals generated from a device named Myo.

Harris first learned of automed while at an innovation network event in Canberra when he met David who was impressed with his skill set and knowledge in application development. Harris worked for automed for 2 years before following the company to its new global headquarters office and production facility in Huxley, Iowa in February 2019.

“The work is challenging and allows me to experience variety,” comments Law on why he chose automed. “Also, the work environment encourages team bonding and communication, which corresponds to the ideal workplace that I have in mind.”

Growing with automed

As automed continues to grow and adapt with the ever-changing environment, Harris is key to keeping automed advanced in doing what it’s supposed to do.

“Harris has been an invaluable member of the automed team,” comments David Edwards, CEO. “Within six months of starting, he showed me just how good of a developer he was and how committed he is to the company.”

As new integration partners join automed, Harris ensures that their system syncs and works smoothly with the automed software and system. He played a key role in the integration with Tru-Test, Cactus, LBS and most recently Gallagher.  

Outside of automed, Harris spends his free time playing sports such as fencing and archery, and enjoys scuba diving. A fun fact about Harris, many people think he is Japaneses or Korean, but has a mix accept of Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.

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