Improving the Feedlot and Producer Relationship

The livestock industry is made up of important, interlocking supply-chain relationships. Each link in the chain has a vital role and a responsibility to the the greater supply chain. We would argue that no relationship is more important than the one that exists between the producer and the feedlot.

With our livestock medication platform, automed, we are creating a product that will independently help the producer and the feedlot. Just as important, it will help strengthen the producer-feedlot relationship and increase productivity.

And how exactly are we going to do that? We’re glad you asked.

Fitting for Feedlots

Feedlots are tasked with the important responsibility of preparing livestock for the abattoir. In a few short weeks, they go from receiving animals to delivering a quality, healthy product for the consumer.

Feedlots have to deliver a host of medications to prepare the animal for the abattoir, which is where automed comes in. The automed system is able to easily integrate into a feedlots’ medication system. This integration makes it instantly more efficient through accurate dosing, automatic dosing, ergonomic design (less tiring for the processor), and the automatic capturing of dosage data.

The automatic capture of data is a real game-changer for the industry. Once making use of automed, you can say goodbye to the wasted time and resources that are usually spent inputting medication data manually. You can also forget about dosage mistakes – a costly problem of today that will soon become a problem of yesterday.

In short, the greatest benefit for the feedlots is clear: improved efficiency and reduced expenses.

Perfect for Producers

For producers, automed offers the same kind of efficiency savings, so we’re not going to repeat ourselves again. Instead, we’re going to focus on something even more revolutionary.

The biggest gift that we can give to producers is that of full traceability. If you are using the automed system, each animal will arrive at the feedlot with a record of full life traceability. Every dosage given will be available to the feedlot, which means no more guessing, no more overdosing, and no more costly and unnecessary animal deaths. In addition, compliance will become that much easier, which will prove to be important as industry regulations become more strict.

This level of transparency will make lives for the feedlots that much easier and, as a result, it will make the producer’s product that much more valuable.

automed – Bridging the Gap

When producers and feedlots adopt the automed system, the result will be a working relationship that is more assured and productive. It will also bring about a more consistently healthy product for the consumer. A healthier product is something that regulators and consumer rights groups will be thrilled about. As if that isn’t enough, it will even drive down expenses on the farm through gains in efficiency.

When we talk about automed having an impact across the entire supply chain, this is exactly what we mean. A simple solution that brings about a dramatic, positive impact for all concerned.

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