Free online demo – now available

Online demo enables livestock producers globally to learn more about the automed system 

What is automed? How does the automed system work? Can it integrate with existing hardware such as scales and EID readers? What benefits can automed provide? automed is pleased to provide a free online demo to livestock producers and industry experts interested in learning more about the automed system.

Kathleen Gilman, CXO, provides an online demo

Free online demos are available from virtually anywhere via the internet with a member of the automed support team. During the demos, guests will be able to learn about the automed device and range of adapters and gain a better understanding of how the system works to accurately calculate, deliver and record livestock medication treatments.

“Online demos have been very beneficial for our customers, both domestically and internationally,” comments Kathleen Gilman, automed CXO. “The online demos provide a way for potential customers to gain further insight into the products and system.”

Screen sharing is a key feature of the online demos. During the screen shares, viewers will be able to get an inside look at the Web Portal and its features. This will allow viewers to be able to see how they can keep track of their treatment data and utilize the inventory management system. The app is also available through the screen share to display its components.

Time is a valuable asset to livestock producers, and to accommodate busy schedules, each demo is approximately 30 minutes. The demo includes a presentation of the automed device and adapters, how the system works, an overview of the Essentials and Enterprise packages, and examples of integration.

“During the demo, we will also take the time to learn a little bit about the guest’s livestock operation so we can provide specific information into the benefits that automed can help them achieve,” adds Gilman.

The online demos allow the livestock producers to connect directly with a member of the automed team, virtually anywhere through an internet connection. As a leading AgTech company in livestock medication, automed is embracing technology to further connect with livestock producers.

To schedule a free online demo by region, select the link below.

About automed: automed is a global solution in automatic livestock medication systems. With one single system, automed can automatically calculate, deliver and record livestock treatments, and effectively help livestock producers manage their operation. To learn more about automed, visit

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