Data: The Future of Lamb Production

It was an absolute pleasure for the automed team to be involved in our first Lambex Expo, an event that this year saw a record number of attendees show up in beautiful Albury.

Our booth was busy as ever, to the point where it felt like we chatted with most of those attendees. It is becoming common for us to notice that at expos we are initially met with some healthy scepticism. But as people begin to understand the system and realize the positive applications of the device and system, there is a great “shoe drop” moment, followed by a lot of excitement. It was also rewarding to see a lot of those people return later with colleagues, wanting to spread the word of automed for no reason beyond an interest in what we’re doing.

Aside from making some great connections, we also did our first automed giveaway of two units that will be put to good use on the farm. Down the line, we’ll be sure to check in with the winners to see how they’re getting on with the automed system.

The future of lamb production

There were some great speakers at Lambex, but there was one person in particular that we were very curious to hear from. Paul Higgins, the founder of Emergent Futures, was the first speaker of the expo and with his background in veterinary services, different areas of the supply chain, and now a focus on future trends, Paul is someone who shares our views of the industry.

He didn’t disappoint.

During his talk, Paul outlined a compelling argument for why lamb producers should be targeting the top 20% of consumers. Paul identified what this 20% consists of, “They are far more interested in the experience rather than the cost. I’m not talking about the struggling family making ends meet, going to the supermarket of butcher shop looking for the cheapest possible option. I’m talking about people who have the money to be able to spend it and think about experiences.”

Paul explained that this demographic was interested in transparency; they want to know where the food comes from, what’s in it, how was it produced, etc. The way to access this premium customer is through increasing data, traceability, and digital transformation.

Paul hit the nail on the head with this line, “Data is going to be as valuable as the actual product coming off of the farm.”

Preparing for the future

The idea of data as added value for products has driven the development of automed from the very beginning. As legislation becomes more stringent and customers demand more information about what they are putting on their plate, it stands to reason that producers need to make necessary adjustments.

This is a way for forward-thinking producers to step ahead of the competition. As the industry as a whole starts to shift towards greater transparency, the balance will tip. Eventually, producers who cannot provide the necessary transparency will be left with a product that is not viewed favourably.

With automed in use, producers are now able to quickly and easily introduce a system that will automatically track full life data and complete supply traceability. The benefits for these producers is tangible.

Better costs. Better product. Better business.

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