Dalby Rural Supplies joins the automed team

South Queensland livestock producers to benefit from distribution agreement between automed and Dalby Rural Supplies

One of Queensland’s best retailers to sell world-first automatic livestock medication system

A revolutionary piece of agricultural technology, automed, will now be sold by Dalby Rural Supplies, one of Queensland’s most respected agricultural retailers.

Dalby Rural Supplies has been recognised as the “Queensland Retailer of the Year” five times during the past seven years.

The 24-year-old company is a member of Combined Rural Traders (CRT) group – a division under the Ruralco banner – which means increased buying power allows it to offer customers a better range of products at the best prices.

automed has been on the market since 2016 but was first conceived a decade ago. The system calculates the optimal medication dose for each animal, administers the dose and automatically records the data.

It is a traceable, tamper-proof way of auditing drugs given to all animals from birth to the abattoir and signals the end of underdosing and overdosing.

automed co-founder and chief executive David Edwards said he wanted his company linked with well-respected distributors.

“Dalby Rural Supplies come from humble beginnings,” Mr Edwards said.

“More than two decades later its founders, John Cullen and Andrew Johnston, remain actively involved in the business– even though it’s much bigger.

“They are still fighting for the best deals for livestock producers and earning the trust of people who make their living on the land.

“In that respect, Dalby Rural Supplies and automed are headed in the same direction.”


About automed

automed is suitable for injectable, pour-on and oral medications and serves the dairy, beef, pork and sheep industries. It is focused on how to sustainably raise animals that consumers can have confidence in.

The easy-to-use automed applicator weighing 400 grams both administers and records treatments.

Producers can view treatment data about the medication administered to their livestock via desktop computers and handheld devices. Data can be stored in a cloud and accessible both on and offline.

The company now has markets in the United States, Canada, Europe and parts of Asia.

For more information: (02) 6100 3016 or info@automed.io    

Click on automed’s website or find out more about us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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