automed’s smart watch

It’s time for best practice digital livestock management.


Smart technology just made livestock treatment delivery not only easier, but faster. The innovative automed watch frees your hands for getting on with the job of medicating your livestock. The watch holds the automed application which interacts with the delivery device, allowing you to focus on treating your livestock.

Rather than juggling with a tablet or mobile phone while medicating, wearing the automed watch will give you the freedom you need to keep on working. You’ll save time as you move from one animal to the next, administering doses, while the automed watch app does its job.

The watch in action

Exact doses are administered and recorded by a lightweight and comfortable, hand-held delivery device. The device then communicates the information to your watch app, recording in real time. All treatment records are synchronised with your existing management system, by way of an open integration platform. All data is sent to your app and web portal via WiFi to be accessed at your convenience whether offline or online. The watch app controls the delivery device as well as monitors device performance. The user-friendly interface within the watch makes active user interaction simple.

Using the watch, you can configure each adapter to its own medication, enable both fixed and weight based dosing as well as record animal weight and electronic ID tags. All of your animals will receive the exact medication they require for optimal health.

At automed our priority is your financial health as well as the health of your livestock. You’ll save money on incorrect dosages with the watch app doing all the calculating for you. And that’s not all. The automed watch app further excels –

  • Treatment data is recorded instantaneously when the treatment is administered.
  • Recorded data is traceable and tamper-proof, so auditing your data is streamlined.
  • Configuring each adapter using the watch is fast and simple.
  • No more missed or incomplete treatments, because the watch app will let you know if something has gone wrong.

Worn under your gloves, the automed watch has a silicone strap for comfort. The face of the watch is sunlight-readable, which means that overhead lights won’t interfere when you need to read the watch. The watch is also water resistant. Alternately, if you’re working beside a colleague, they could be the watch-wearer.

Full technical support

Full technical support is available to assist producers to set up systems to ensure farm-wide communication between devices.

If you’ve been using a smart phone or tablet and you’ve decided to switch to the automed watch, the app licence will cover multiple downloads.

Your complete automatic medication delivery system

With automed, it’s so easy to monitor and improve your treatment processes. A complete automatic medication delivery system, from accurate dosing to recording treatments, medications and multiple site inventory management.

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