automed opens distribution in Europe with VenoFrance

automed, Inc. is pleased to announce the first distribution partner in Europe, VenoFrance, opening the ever important and growing livestock market in Europe.

VenoFrance, your sheep and goat breeding specialists

VenoFrance has signed on with automed as a distribution partner of the automed system. This will allow the automed system to assist livestock producers in meeting the regulations and requirements for traceability and compliance.

VenoFrance is a dynamic, young and family-owned company like automed. Through their experience in the breeder business for many years, they have built a strong reputation across the sheep industry in France.

“We are thrilled to partner with a reputable distributor like VenoFrance and to officially launch into the European market,” comments David Edwards, automed CEO. “The European market is vital for automed and our integrated inventory management system for livestock and medication treatment records.”

This new partnership and launch into the European market is vial for automed, a young AgTech company based in the U.S. This will allow livestock producers in Europe to utilize the benefits of the automed system to enhance their operations and improve their efficiency.

“The automed system allows producers to automatically calculate, deliver and record livestock medication treatments. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and ultimately provides a great benefit for producers, saving them time and money, and improving their bottom line,” adds Edwards.

“European farmers and ranchers have to comply with traceability and compliance regulations,” mentions Christoph Schroeder, automed Non-Exec director Europe. “The automed system allows farmers to do this effectively and efficiently.”

To learn more about VenoFrance, visit their website here. To find an automed distributor near you, visit our website here.

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