Emerging agri-tech company automed partners with Neogen

Australian start-up behind world-first automatic livestock medication system partners with established United States product developer to bolster global growth.

automed and Neogen Partner up in a mutual supplier agreement and partnership

Farming sector innovator, automed, has earned customers across the world since launching a groundbreaking livestock medication system a little more than a year ago and there is now a big chance more innovations are on the way.

automed’s new mutual supplier agreement with American based firm Neogen Corporation, provides the Australian company significant opportunities in the development of new, innovative solutions for farmers while strengthening its image in the United States and Europe.


Since 1982, Neogen has earned a reputation for finding solutions for the agriculture sector by creating unique instruments used by veterinarians and farmers, including dial-a-dose injectors and pour-on guns with ergonomic handles and applicators that can be used in space restricted environments.

Neogen has dozens of products on the shelves used for administering medicine, including oral and topical applicators, as well as instruments used for identifying and handling livestock and for the artificial insemination of pigs.

Neogen products, as with automed, are used across the sheep, cattle and pig industries

“We built our business one instrument at a time as we asked customers what they needed, went back and engineered prototypes and later finished products,” Neogen’s Kim Quinn said.

“This continued dependence on the voice of the customer has enabled us to build a very nice veterinary instrument business and a group of long-time loyal customers.”

automed co-founder and chief executive David Edwards said the partnership could lead to the development of new products.

“This has been a very good strategic step forward from automed’s point of view,” Mr Edwards said.

“It allows automed to excel its product range quite dramatically.

“It provides the opportunity for automed to build components into its platform sourced from Neogen, meaning they are well developed and well manufactured.”

About automed

automed is suitable for injectable, pour-on and oral medications and is focused on how to sustainably raise animals that consumers can have confidence in.

The easy-to-use automed applicator weighing 400 grams records vital information.

Farmers can view data about the medication administered to their livestock via desktop computers and smartphones. Data can be stored in a cloud and technical support is provided by the company.

The automed system can be used to improve another product already on the farm or can be improved by another product already on-farm because it comes with an open application programming interface (otherwise known as open API).

For more information: (02) 6100 3016 or email info@automed.io.

Click on automed’s website or find out more about us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Neogen

Neogen Corporation (Nasdaq: NEOG) develops and markets products dedicated to food and animal safety. Neogen’s Animal Safety Division markets a complete line of diagnostics, veterinary instruments, veterinary pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, disinfectants, and rodenticides.


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