automed Named Top 15 Most Promising AgTech Companies

In August, Startup City released its list of Top 15 Most Promising AgTech Companies. Making the list, automed. This is the first award of its kind for automed in the U.S. market. 

top 15 most promising agtech startups

Startup City magazine is a first of its kind independent platform for decision-makers in various industries in the U.S. for trends, news, view, updates and an inside look at the various solutions and much more from burgeoning startup ecosystem. 

“It has taken a lot to automed to this point and to receive this type of recognition,” states David Edwards, CEO, automed. “To be recognized with the USA on this level shows that we are on the right track to developing one of the world’s greatest agtech solutions.”

With this award, automed was featured in their nationally published magazine. The article provides readers with the state of the industry, the history of automed, and the solution that automed offers to the livestock industry. 

Since founded in 2012, automed has grown and developed tremendously, changing the livestock medication process for livestock producers globally. Being a solution that not only enabled weight-based dosing but also recorded treatment data, this provided a new benefit for producers. Throughout trials, it was discovered that there was value in automatic data recording. With this, the team went down the path of developing a full compliance and traceability system and expanded the ability to capture data as the treatment was automatically recorded.

In recent months, automed has successfully launched the automed iOS app for the system, Set & Forget, and a software development kit.

Not only does this award offer national recognition for automed within the US, but it also validates the solution that automed offers to livestock producers, further launching the company into the industry. 

The full article can be found on Startup City’s website here.

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