automed lands major distribution deal with Think Livestock

The newest member of the automed team!

The award-winning agri-tech startup, automed, is joining forces with Australia’s premier distributor of livestock medication delivery systems, Think Livestock. automed stunned the world by winning gold for Australia at the international Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards in 2016. The company hasn’t just made a splash on the awards circuit, its innovative solutions for the application and management of medication have been received with enthusiasm around the globe.

Think Livestock is by no means a startup. They are a trusted name with decades of experience in providing the best quality medication delivery systems to producers across Australia. Think Livestock’s commitment to excellence makes them the perfect partner for the automed system.

automed CEO and founder, David Edwards, highlights the challenges of being a new player in an established industry, “The livestock industry is built on trust and integrity. Some industries are very open to exciting new companies, but the livestock industry doesn’t care about flash. All they want to know is if your product will help improve their business.”

“There is a healthy scepticism that we’ve had to overcome since we launched in early 2016,” continues Mr Edwards, “and being able to partner with an established company like Think Livestock, that couldn’t have a better reputation as medication delivery specialists, just reinforces the fact that automed is a proven game-changer for the industry.”

Think Livestock will help to introduce automed to local communities and its network of customers across the country. The company, which excels in support, will also be able to offer that support to customers who use the automed system. The automed system consists of a truly modern applicator that can deliver injectible, pour-on, intranasal, and oral medications. automed’s software allows producers to easily capture data for improvements to efficiency, meeting compliance with full-life traceability, and providing a superior product for the market.

automed will continue to seek out exceptional partners who are committed to improving the livestock industry for all.

Together we will make a difference.

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