automed integration with Gallagher

Today we have more news about our continued expansion of integration partners. We are delighted to announce that we have been working with Gallagher, who produce a range of fantastic and vital products for livestock production, to get our products working together.

As of now, the automed platform integrates with the Gallagher TSi 2 weight scale and HR5 stick reader.

Integration Details – Gallagher TSi 2 Weight Scale

As you may know, the TSi 2 weight scale does not have a built-in Bluetooth connection available for third party systems to connect to. This was a challenge, but at automed, we eat challenges for breakfast.

Our workaround solution involves connecting a serial-to-Bluetooth adapter to one of the expansion communications ports on the rear of the scale head. Configuration is a simple process that is carried out through the TSi 2 touchscreen. Once complete, the user can connect their scale head to the automed system and start utilizing the weight based dosing feature.

Integration Details – Gallagher HR5 Stick Reader

The HR5 is Gallagher’s popular, handheld EID tag reader and data collector. This portable beauty allows users to record, edit, and customize data anywhere on the farm. In combination with the automed platform and the TSi 2 weight scale, producers can now set up automatic and accurate weight-based dosing of animals and associate the treatment records with the individual animal’s RFID tag number.

The HR5 stick reader can work in combination with the scale head, with automed matching both sets of data before adding them to the system. If scales are not available or are from a different manufacturer, the HR5 can even be connected directly to automed via a Bluetooth connection.

Just the Beginning

With the successful integration between automed and the Gallagher HR5 and TSi 2 products, as well as our recent announcement of our integration achievements with Tru-Test equipment, we are continuing to make sure that automed is a solution that doesn’t disrupt operations. In fact, automed makes your existing tools even more valuable to your operations.

We have many more integration project announcements on the way so stay tuned.

Remember, you can always contact us directly to enquire about equipment and system integration with automed. We’re always happy to help.

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