The automed Delivery Device

Still wondering what the automed Delivery Device really is? All your medicating needs, with just one device.


The automed Delivery Device is a game changer, designed to accurately deliver medication, record treatments and manage multiple site inventories. All treatment needs are met with just one robust device.

The Delivery Device provides automatic delivery with fixed or weight-based measured dosages.

So how does it work?

Connecting to your existing RFID readers and scale heads via Bluetooth, the automed Delivery Device calculates the optimal medication for each individual animal based off of their weight. The exact doses are automatically administered and recorded by the device, which then communicates the information to your app (smart phone, tablet or watch) without the need for an internet connection.

The device is a split system device and comes with both bottle mount and line-feed connections for injection, oral, pour-on and intransal delivery. It’s suitable for cattle, swine, sheep, poultry and equine.

No matter the size or location, the automed Delivery Device is designed to improve your operation.

Save Time & Money Using Just One Device

There are so many benefits of using just one device for all medicating with automed.

  • With no more guesswork in accurate dosing, you will save on wasted medication.
  • Because every animal receives exactly what they need, medication efficiency will be higher than ever.
  • The device will alert you of any missed or incomplete doses instantaneously.
  • Consumers can believe in the quality of your livestock, keeping your turnover healthy.
  • With a dosage speed of under 1.5 seconds, see treatment time drop.
  • Ergonomic automatic treatment delivery means less pain, more gain.

Smart Devices & Connectivity

We share your concerns about internet connectivity. The automed Delivery Device continues to operate and send data to the app without the user having to be on the internet. Treatment records can still be viewed on the app until internet connectivity is received, and cross-operation transmissions are instantaneous, even when offline. The app is cloud-based, so there is no limit to the amount of data it can send or store. While you can view treatment records on the app without needing an internet connection, connectivity is required to sync the app to the web portal.

The automed system has an open integration platform, meaning it can integrate with your current management system. Once your treatment data is synchronized to the web portal, you can push it straight into your existing management software. With automed you can truly make the most of your resources.

All of your treatment records are yours to own, and recorded data is traceable and tamper-proof, streamlining the auditing process.

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