automed announces the release of Essentials App for iOS

The automed Essentials app is now available through iOS. The automed system, which commercially launched in 2016, can now be accessed by more users globally. With a growing demand for the system and for more accessibility, the automed Essentials app is now available for iPhones. 

automed Essentials now available for iOS

“We pride ourselves with bringing the latest and greatest technologies to the agriculture sector,” comments David Edwards, CEO, automed. “It has been a long process from development to testing an iOS app that is best suitable for our customers.”

The new iOS App has a stunning interface – it is sleek, simplistic and has been designed with the user in mind. It is easier than ever to navigate all of the automed functions, including configuring adapters, connecting to Gallagher TW series scales, and administering both fixed and weight-based doses. It’s the same features and the same functionality, but easier to use. 

Edwards adds, “the user experience of this app is top-notch. It is easy to use and navigate, and has all of the necessary features to operate the automed Essentials platform.”

The automed app seamlessly connects and interacts with the automed delivery device, and enables users to configure automed adapters. The new Essentials app for iOS has the ability to connect to Gallagher TW series scales to enable weight-based dosing for livestock treatments. 

To download the automed Essentials app for iOS, visit the App Store on an iOS device and search “automed Essentials”.

For assistance, contact our support team at

NOTE: The automed Essentials app ONLY works with Gallagher TW series scales for weight-based dosing.

About automed: automed is a global solution in automatic livestock medication systems. With one single system, automed can automatically calculate, deliver and record livestock treatments, and effectively help livestock producers manage their operation. To learn more about automed, visit

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