2018 : A Year in Review

As another year draws to a close – the third since automed’s launch – we wanted to share a look back at what was an incredibly important year for the company.

2018 saw big changes that will have long-lasting positive effects for our customers. Please enjoy a few of those highlights in our end of year review.

U.S. Move & Investment Round

In 2017 we moved production from Australia to Ames, Iowa with our new facilities and location enabling us to halve production time.

This year we discovered investment opportunities. However, they would only be possible if the business operations were also on U.S. soil. To achieve this, we performed a “reverse merger”, whereby the Australia owned Group became U.S. owned.

The Australia location is still operating, but in July of 2018, automed officially became a U.S. company, based in Iowa.

In the wake of the move, we opened a seed investment round – the first since bootstrapping development of the company six years ago.

We are in the process of closing several investments, which will put automed in firm footing for the next phase of the company’s growth.

Ramping Up

With investment and the reverse merger taking up a lot of our focus in 2018, we are thrilled that both were successful and that we now have the capacity to put our feet to the pedal once more.

In recent months we have added valuable members to our team and have moved into our new 12,500 sq. ft. location in Huxley, Iowa. The new facility is state-of-the-art including full heating and air conditioning, a wind turbine, and a continuous 400 amp power supply.

This is the new global headquarters of automed and will house everything from software and hardware development to sales, marketing, and even production.

Production Improvements

Speaking of production, we are hard at work fulfilling our backlog of orders, and in early 2019 we are aiming to have a full 90 days of available inventory. 2018 saw a lot of interruptions to production but the time and resources spent have ensured that moving into 2019 we have a sustainable, efficient and scalable production line to meet the demands of the market.

We now have an extensive network of U.S-based suppliers and no longer have to rely on overseas companies. This is thanks in part to moving production to the U.S. as well as President Trump’s trade tariffs, which makes it more affordable to do business with local suppliers.

Our production capabilities will steadily improve into the new year as we introduce high-quality processes and automation to be able to meet the demands of the market.

Essentials App Launch

In 2018 we launched our free Essentials app, which combines with the automed delivery device to offer a weight-based dosing solution. While Essentials doesn’t include data capture, traceability and all the benefits of our Enterprise software – it still provides an important tool to lower costs and improve the quality of your medicating process.    

Simply order the automed Essentials Package , download the app for free on Android (the iOS app is in development), connect the app to your scale and accurate weight-based (or fixed) dosing is now a reality.

Iowa Development Loan

We were granted with a PROPEL investment loan from Iowa Economic Development. This loan is available for companies in the growth phase to provide investment in employees, equipment and expansion. 

Christoph Schroeder

We were thrilled to have Christoph Schroeder join the company as a Non-Executive Director focusing on international business development and expansion.

Here’s to 2019

We want to thank you for following us on this journey.

What started as a small company in Australia with big dreams has transformed, overnight, into a U.S. company that has been embraced by the industry.

Your input and business have helped shape the company, helping us to adjust our plans and refine our product in double-quick time.

We will continue to listen and be agile and receptive to the market.

automed is just getting started – in 2019 we’re going to take this startup agtech business to the next level.

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