2017: Our Year in Review

In 2016, after a decade of development, we finally launched automed – our innovative, livestock medication delivery device and system.

Our first year was a whirlwind.


Carefully considered plans went out the window as we were responding to the market. Four months after launching we had established automed USA. Two months later we were winning three national iAwards for innovation. Three months after that we were taking home the gold as Australia’s representative at the Asia Pacific ICT Awards.

It felt like someone had pressed fast forward on the remote.

Heading into 2017, we wanted to create new strategies to consolidate and improve upon our 2016 achievements. If anything, with a more considered approach, 2017 was even more rewarding for the automed team.

Here are just a few of 2017’s highlights.

New production facilities

It was the last big news of the year but might go down as the most important. From the start of January, automed’s production moved to Ames, Iowa. Our new facility has more than twice the capacity of our building in Australia and is able to manufacture products in half the time.

The increased production capabilities will ensure that automed is more able to meet market demands in the coming years. It also means that the Australian team can focus on product development and customer support.

In short, this is great news if you’re an automed customer.

 A growing team

The automed family continues to grow with the company. We were delighted when long-time friend and advisor, animal health expert Neil Charman, agreed to join the automed board. His input has been vital during the development of automed, and his knowledge will help us to continue making strides to benefit the livestock industry.

Other important additions included Kathleen Aschoff in Sales and Harris Law as Applications Developer.

Finally, our new production facility in the U.S. saw us make new production hires to increase our productivity immediately.

We’re still a small team, but every year we’re adding quality personnel to expand and improve our output.

New partnerships

A big part of our launch strategy was to find respected organisations in the livestock space who share our values. In joining forces, we can improve our product as well as our reach.

In 2016 we secured integration deals with the likes of Tru-Test and Gallagher. In 2017, we went even further by making massive strides in distribution. We aligned with successful brands like Neogen, UFA Co-Operative, Think Livestock, and other Australian distributors for both software and hardware to significantly improve our distribution and support capabilities.

Every partnership deal opens new doors, but it’s up to us to ensure that our system turns opportunities into satisfied customers. We are so proud to have industry leaders enthusiastic about working with automed to bring solutions to producers everywhere.

New innovations

We don’t view automed as a closed product – rather it is a system that we will continue to develop and grow in the coming years.

For example, in 2017 we launched a new automed adapter range to provide dosage sizes and delivery types for every need. When operating with the automed applicator, our new adapters can even perform multiple doses in one treatment. And, of course, in true automed fashion – every dose is accurate.

We also launched the automed smartwatch, which means a tablet or laptop isn’t necessary when medicating animals. The watch holds the automed software and syncs with the automed delivery device for truly hassle-free data capture.

International Business Plan Competition

This year automed entered the ANU International Business Plan Competition, where every year undergraduate third-year and master students have an opportunity to pitch an international market expansion plan to real companies.

We saw it as a great way to connect with the community and give back to ACT, which has been so supportive of automed. What we didn’t expect were five fantastic marketing plans, which provided many insights and opportunities that we hadn’t considered.

We’re amazed at the talent out there and don’t be surprised if one day we’re announcing that a student from the competition is joining the automed team!

See you in 2018!

We’ve come a long way in just two years but know that we’re taking nothing for granted. We’re already rolling up our sleeves to keep developing the best livestock medication delivery system on the planet.

Your support means everything, and we won’t let you down.

For more information: email info@automed.io or head to our website.

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